The Newport Beach Boat Parade with Newport Landing

What will you be doing this Christmas? Obviously, the holiday season is a time to spend with family, eat big and delicious meals, exchange gifts, and go to office parties. Of course, you won't want to miss out on lights and decorations either. One way that you could find Christmas lights is to pile up in the car and drive around, hoping that you find homeowners who have been in the holiday spirit as well. However, you may not see much and you may spend more time driving than anywhere else.

The Event: Newport Beach Boat Parade

If you particularly enjoy Christmas lights and you want to do something for the family, or if you are planning an office party, and you want something different, then it is time to consider the Newport Beach Boat Parade. Whether you have heard of it before or not, this is an event that you do not want to miss. After all, it is more than 100 years in the making.
That's right. This tradition began over one hundred years ago. The humble beginnings included only about a dozen boats that sailed the water with decorations. Things certainly have changed now.
If you attend the Newport Beach Boat Parade, here is what you can expect: hundreds of boats are a part of the event, and they include vastly unique and extravagant displays. It is not uncommon for boat owners to spend tens of thousands of dollars on the decorations. So, you can expect lights, special effects, themes, and much more. You will also see everything from multimillion dollar yachts to kayaks and canoes. Everyone certainly loves to get involved.

The Homes: Newport Beach Boat Parade

Even the homes along the shore take part. You will see houses decorated in an extravagant display as well. Even the docks and waterfront businesses will get in the Christmas spirit. It truly is a community-wide activity. Are you starting to see why the Newport Beach Boat Parade is considered one of the top ten holiday events in the whole country?
People don't just decorate for spectators to enjoy either. It is a competition and prizes are given out for the best boats and home displays. For that reason, the decorations get better and better every year. That's why so many people make going to the Newport Boat Parade a regular event.

The Specifications: Newport Beach Boat Parade

Of course, if you want to be a part of the Newport Beach Boat Parade, you need to know all of the specifics.

The Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade takes place once a year from the third Wednesday in December to the third Sunday in the month. That means there will be five nights of parading for you to enjoy. Additionally, the opening and closing ceremonies will include fireworks and other festivities. The boat parade takes place around 9 pm every night.

If you own your own boat and you enjoy decorating, then you can certainly enter it into the contest, but not everyone has that option. So, how can you enjoy the boat parade? According to the website for the event, you can enjoy viewing at such locations as:
  • The Fun Zone
  • Balboa Village
  • Reserved Seating at the American Legion
  • Reserved Seating at the Newport Sea Base
  • Harborside Restaurant
  • Rusty Pelican Restaurant
All of those would be good viewing options, but think about something. If you stay on the shore, you will only be enjoying part of the event. Yes, you will see the decked out boats, but what about all of the homes and docks? It will be impossible for you to enjoy them when you view the Newport Boat Parade from the shore.
So, what other option do you have? Consider Newport Landing.

The Cruises: Newport Beach Boat Parade

If you contact Newport Landing, you will find the ideal way to enjoy the Newport Beach Boat Parade. That's because cruises are offered just for the occasion. Newport Landing makes sure their boats are decorated beautifully and then they offer cruises three times a night for each of the five nights of the parade. The times for the cruises on general admission include: 5:30, 7:15, and 8:30 so that you have options to view the dazzling displays and lights. If one of those times doesn't work for you, or you have a whole group like family or an office party, then you can also rent a private boat from Newport Landing so that you can enjoy the parade on your own.
Of course, cruises and boats fill up fast because this is a very popular event, so you do not want to wait to the last minute to start your plans. You can reserve your spot with Newport Landing in advance and that will guarantee you have a chance to see the unforgettable Christmas event.
Understandably, not everyone will be able to make it to Newport Beach for one of the five nights of the parade, and you may be one of those. Don't despair though. You still have options. From December 4, 2014 through January 4, 2015, with the exceptions of the Newport Beach Boat Parade days, Newport Landing makes it possible for you to get into the holiday spirit. That's because three times a night for the month of December, holiday cruises are offered. It may not have the dazzling effects of hundreds of decorated boats on the water, but it is still fun and it still can be the great way to start off the Christmas season, or even kick off the new year at the end of the month.
Many different people enjoy the Newport Beach Boat Parade and people come from all over Southern California as well as neighboring states to see the event. If you are planning an office holiday party, this is a great way to do something different. If you are planning a family Christmas event, then you can't miss the parade either. It's one of the most popular holiday events in the whole country, so you can imagine that it is unforgettable. To enjoy the whole boat parade, be sure to consider a cruise with Newport Landing. Then, you will be fully immersed in the Christmas wonderland.


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